One day, I was talking with this guy at a skate park and I let him know that I was starting a clothing company. After awhile he asked "hey, will your clothes make me look cool?" I looked at him for a split second and then responded "nope"! He looked at me kinda strange for a minute before he skated off. If he would have let me explain my response, here's what I would have told him.
Our clothes aren't designed to make you or anyone else look cool. Being cool is like being either are or you aren't and no clothes will ever change that. Putting on one of our shirts won't make you any cooler or hardcore than you were before you bought it, just like putting on a cape won't give you super powers and make you a super hero. 
Being cool and being hardcore come from deep within you and it's all a state of mind. It's about being confident and committed. If our clothes help you feel that way, then right on, but that's not what they're designed to do.
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